Lawn Care in Kent, Ohio

Creating the perfect yard for your home in Kent, Ohio, is easy with lawn care services from Portage Turf Specialists LLC. Starting from the soil up, we create lawn-specific programs to create and sustain a healthy environment for all of our valued lawn care customers. Learn more about our lawn services in Kent by contacting us today at (330) 296-8873.

Taking Control of a Lawn

Conventional lawn practices use harmful chemicals in unhealthy amounts to provide quick fixes for turf problems. The professionals at Portage Turf Specialists start at the roots with carefully crafted lawn maintenance programs. By using a mixture of organic and traditional lawn care treatments, we are able to target specific problems, and in turn, foster darker, thicker, and more drought-tolerant turf grass for longer lasting results.

Our fertilization and weed control services target only the problem areas of your lawn instead of oversaturating the entire surface. This helps properly maintain natural environments by greatly reducing the amount of actual product needed. To learn more about our lawn maintenance programs in Kent, give us a call today at (330) 296-8873. Also, make sure to ask about our current specials!

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Organic Lawn Service

For those wishing to go completely green, Portage Turf is proud to offer a 100 percent certified organic lawn care program to further reduce impact on Mother Nature. Effective aeration is also a beneficial and natural approach to a properly nourished lawn. Overseeding when aerating a lawn is also beneficial to integrate new seeds atop of the turf. If you’re beginning with a blank canvas, professional seeding also ensures a lawn is started off on the right foot. Call us for lawn aeration and seeding services at (330) 296-8873.

We’ve helped many happy homeowners “go green” in Kent and other areas in Portage County. Learn more about us, and check out our customer reviews.

Better Lawn Maintenance

Every lawn is a living thing, fostering its own unique ecosystem, and the professionals at Portage Turf Specialists have the right lawn service for every customer. We proudly serve all of Portage County including Kent, Ravenna, Aurora, Hudson, and nearby areas. To learn more about our lawn care services, give us a call today at (330) 296-8873. We also provide tree and shrub care and lawn insect and grub control.