Lawn Care in Rootstown, Ohio

At Portage Turf Specialists LLC, we believe in beginning with the roots and working upward to keep a lawn healthy and thriving. We have the expertise to spot problems with a lawn and the experience to fix them. Because every lawn is unique and has its own specific issues, we tailor each of our services accordingly. Our aim is to cultivate the natural beauty of each lawn we service, while cutting back on harmful synthetic chemicals. Since 2007, we have provided “Naturally Better Lawn Care” to Rootstown, Ohio and the surrounding community. To schedule a free lawn analysis or get a quote, call us today at (330) 296-8873.

Professional Lawn Restoration

If your lawn is in need of a little TLC, we’re here for you. No matter if you’re looking for seeding and lawn repairs, help with grub and lawn pest control, or an entire lawn renovation, we can handle whatever you may need assistance with. We provide lawn care solutions for shrub and tree care, fertilization and weed issues, maintenance, general lawn service, and much more. Our priority is to help make your lawn the best it can be safely and effectively.

One of our most significantly helpful services is lawn aeration coupled with a proper seeding. Lawn aeration loosens up the lawn’s compacted soil, which results in spreading the lawn’s natural nutrients all around and helping the lawn’s root system. This promotes longevity, and helps with those brown, patchy areas. To learn more about how lawn aeration and seeding can do to improve your lawn, or to ask about any of our other services for Rootstown, call us at (330) 296-8873.

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Excellent Lawn Services

Part of Rootstown is its beautiful lawns, and at Portage Turf, we want to help keep them that way—in the safest manner possible. Instead of using harmful synthetic chemicals that may be traditional, we use natural methods that keep lawns and families safer. Lawns don’t need any extra damage done to them with chemicals…they already have enough battles to fight with pests, weeds, improper shrub planting, and root problems. That’s why we offer a 100% Organic Material Reviews Institute (OMRI) Certified organic lawn care program. The program applies organic, slow-release fertilizer treatments only to where they’re needed. We know the damage that traditional chemicals can cause, and we take this issue very seriously. If you’d like to learn more, call us at (330) 296-8873.

Your Rootstown Lawn Pros

At Portage Turf, we believe that your lawn should bring you pride. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure it stays healthy and “happy”. With us, you will receive excellence in lawn care. Get a free quote today and see what we can do for you. If you’re in Rootstown or any of the surrounding areas such as Aurora, Twinsburg, Kent, Tallmadge, Hudson, Streetsboro, or Solon, Ohio, give us a call at (330) 296-8873.