Lawn Aeration – Renovation Easy as 1,2,3!

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Ohio lawns have seen some of every extreme in 2015. Starting off with prolonged snowfall, a spring drought, torrential summer flooding, and back to a drought. What does all this mean for your lawn? Extreme conditions have taken most Ohio turf quality to less than spectacular. We are seeing extremely compacted soils from these conditions making a core aeration top on the list on the road to lawn recovery.

A fall core aeration will help to loosen hard compacted soils, reduce thick thatch layers, and help to promote a deeper, healthier root system by allowing oxygen, water and nutrients into the root zone. With so much turf lost to extreme conditions a fall seeding will also be in order. Slit seeding after an aeration takes full advantage of the newly loosened soil particles for the best seed to soil contact and best germination rates. At Portage Turf, we are constantly reviewing the newest seed varieties for the darkest color, disease/drought and insect resistance.

Step three will be a shot of organic based fertilizer to help promote seed germination and a healthy living soil! Lastly a daily watering to germinate and establish your beautiful newly renovated lawn. Watering is honestly the most important and most overlooked step- we will leave detailed instructions on how to best care for your new lawn. We overseed and do renovations in the ideal fall period for less weed pressure, warm ground temps, cooler nights and typically heavy dews. Your newly renovated lawn will have the best new varieties of thick turfgrass, which is hands down  the best weed control program for nasty weeds like crabgrass, dandelions and clover.  Contact a local company such as Portage Turf Specialists LLC as we are quickly filling up and timing is truly everything in lawn care!

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