How will the groundhogs prediction effect Ohio’s lawncare

Happy #GroundhogDay– only 46 days to go until spring officially arrives! I am also reminded that it is hard for Ohio weather patterns or sports teams to do anything consistently for 6 weeks.   Not trusting a Pennsylvanian rodent- we sought a second opinion from Buckeye Chuck, Ohio’s groundhog, who also predicted six more weeks of winter.  Even if Chuck’s prediction is right, spring is just around the corner. Who is looking forward to the first whiff of a spring breeze and #freshcutgrass ???   Like many of you, our team here at Portage Turf Specialists is gearing up for warm sunny days and lawncare perfection.

Are you prepared to deal with snow mold issues stemming from an extended period of snow cover? Snow mold is a disease that will give your lawn a plastered down, yellow look. Snow mold will kill the topgrowth of the turfgrass, and in severe cases will  continue to smother the crown and roots of the plant and kill the plant. A light raking with a  leaf rake is all that is necessary to provide oxygen to the crowns and roots for a complete fully organic lawn recovery! Think light- you are just looking to lightly fluff the lawn and provide oxygen, not remove any material.

As spring approaches, Portage Turf Specialists encourages you to consider professional lawncare.  What is yourHow will the groundhogs prediction effect Ohio's lawncare plan for your lawn this coming year?  Did you take care of your own lawn last year adding to your already busy schedule?

Not all fertilizers or lawncare products are created equal.   You can’t find a one-size-fits-all product on the market that takes care of all the unique yards in Northeast Ohio.  Professional lawn care from Portage Turf Specialists means we will soil test and customize your lawn treatment plan, taking your lawn to the next level.  We gear our treatments specifically to fit your lawn’s needs promoting a better growing environment.

Yard work can take up many hours of your time.  You may love spending time outdoors but you may not love fertilizing your grass.  We will free up your time and provide your lawn with organic based fertilizers all year long.

Take the guesswork out of lawn care this season.  Our State certified technicians are trained to evaluate your lawn needs, from pest to brown spots.   You do not have to play detective, hire our team of experts to solve your lawn problems.

When you take into account the materials and time it takes to care for a lawn, a lawn care program from Portage Turf Specialist is more affordable than you realize.  Contact us today and get a free estimate.  We are confident that you will decide to let us handle your lawn care this year, making it one of the best decisions you make this year.



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