Why Winterize Your Ohio Lawn?

Maintaining a green and healthy lawn isn’t just a summer task! You need to take time and attention to care for your grass year-round to keep it thick and lush. The best way to do that is to take winterization seriously. We at the Portage Turf Specialists LLC recommend that you take these steps to winterize your Kent, Ravenna, Aurora, or Hudson lawn.

1. Remove leaves.

Don’t be temped to forget about the fallen leaves all winter long. We understand that raking can be quite a chore. However, leaf removal is important to lawn health over the winter months. Leaving soggy wet leaves over the winter will smother areas of turf under the snow and leave you with bare patches. For best results during a mid-winter thaw do a final clean up to ensure leaves are not smothering your turf. This is also a great way to take in some fresh air during those winter months!

2. Aerate your lawn.

If you haven’t already, Portage Turf Specialists recommends aeration as part of your lawn winterization process. Aeration removes small plugs of soil from your Ohio lawn, allowing your lawn to “breathe” and for nutrients to get down to the roots. With all that newly loosened soil we highly recommend seeding to fill in and thicken turf to help reduce weeds during the following year. Fall is the ideal time for recovery of drought stressed, thin lawns as next spring will require a crabgrass control which will kill any seeding done in the spring.

3. Apply the proper fertilization.

Did you know that we at Portage Turf Specialists choose fertilizers based on your specific lawn’s needs? Different types of grasses and soil types require specialized fertilizers. Winterizer is formulated for your type of grass and aims to give your grass the nutrients it needs to last all winter long and re-emerge full of life next spring. We recommend that you always complete your fall lawn care with a winterizer, so you can give your grass a fighting chance to make it through the harsh Ohio winter months.

Want to find out more about winterization? Ready to schedule your winterization services? Contact Portage Turf Specialists today at (330) 296-8873. We can give you a free, personalized estimate for your lawn care and help prepare you grass for the months ahead.

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