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Professional Lawn Care Services

When It’s Time to Outsource Your Lawn Care

Have you ever considered hiring a professional lawn care service? Hiring a company to care for your lawn might not be right for everyone. If you love slinging bags of fertilizer and herbicide on your days off and have always gotten picture-perfect results with your lawn care regimen, a lawn care service is probably not […]

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Fall Lawn Care

3 Fall Lawn Care Mistakes

Growing a lush, green lawn is well within the capabilities of any homeowner, as long as you follow a few simple rules. Unfortunately, many lawns fail, not because of neglect, but because of some bad practices and misconceptions made in the fall. So, to help you end up with the greenest, healthiest lawn next spring, […]

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Fall Lawn Care Services: Start Planning NOW for Great Results!

Late July might seem too soon to start thinking about your fall to-do lists, but before we know it, kids will be returning to school, crops will be harvested and temperatures will be dropping. Start planning your outdoor fall projects now, because a little planning will translate into a thicker, healthier lawn over the next […]

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Why are there so many weeds in my lawn?

Ohio Lawns are in their Seed Stage If your lawn looks like a miniature wheat field, you’re not alone. Most lawns in Ohio are going to seed now, putting all their energy into seed production, not into looking green and beautiful. But fear not, turf grasses will soon return to their darker, greener selves. Here are […]

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How To Control Weeds in Mulch and Flower Beds

Question. Tired of flower and mulch beds taking over your home? Do you ever ask yourself “How can I do a better job controlling weeds in my flower beds?” If so you’re certainly not alone. Controlling weeds in our flower beds and around our landscaping can be a never ending nightmare right? Mulching yearly, using […]

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Soil Basics 101- Soil and its importance in our lives, lawns and lawncare

Soil and its importance in our lives, lawns and lawncare So what is soil? Soil is a vast mysterious ecosystem with layers of nutrients and billions of lifeforms. Without healthy soil there would be little to no life on planet earth. Knowing about the impact fertile soil has on human existence is invaluable! It’s where we […]

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El Niño’s Effects On Landscape Trees & Shrubs

We keep hearing that El Niño will be affecting weather patterns all across the western hemisphere this winter. In Ohio, the predictions are for a warmer, drier winter. While the prospect of a milder winter seems very appealing, there are definite implications beyond the weather. These simple changes in weather patterns can affect wildlife, plants, […]

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Portage Turf Specialists Takes Root with New, Mobile-friendly Website

Portage Turf Specialists LLC in Ravenna, Ohio, recently launched a freshly redesigned, mobile-friendly website with an onsite blog and social media integration to more easily connect with future customers. Executives at Portage Turf overhauled the company website to better promote their lawn care programs online, using search engine marketing tactics to reach consumers who use […]

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