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Complementary Soil Testing

Take Advantage of Our Free Soil Test

The health and wellness of your lawn begins with the soil. So, if your goal is to maintain healthy plants, the place to start is with a soil test. This is a great way to measure your soil’s health and fertility. But what does the test show and how often should you do it? Our […]

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If you want to obtain a beautifully thick, lush, green lawn but your grass is plagued by crabgrass, you aren’t alone. Timing is everything in lanwcare  especially  when dealing with crabgrass. By contacting https://www.portageturf.com/contact/  you can be assured that  the lawn-care professionals from Portage Turf Specialists LLC have that timing down. We’ve put together a […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Portage Turf!

A huge warm thank you to all of our customers for their business last season! We hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying this holiday season! Portage Turf Specialists is bringing all of our customers and followers an education series this winter on soil health. In this series we will be covering topics like general […]

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What is Organic Lawn Care?

Many Ohio homeowners are looking into more environmentally friendly lawn-care options for 2015. If you’ve been researching ways to take care of your lawn with more natural elements, you may have run across organic lawn care as an option. Allow us at Portage Turf Specialists LLC to tell you a bit more about this natural […]

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4 Tips for Creating a Sustainable Yard

As the world becomes more knowledgeable about its environmental impact, homeowners are encouraged to save the planet by making a few alterations to how they run their house. From switching to energy-efficient light bulbs and using rechargeable batteries, you may already be going green in your Kent, Ohio home.

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