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Lawn Dead Patches

Why Does My Lawn Have Dead Patches?

At Portage Turf Specialists LLC, we understand how frustrating it is when you work hard for a beautiful, green yard only to find dead patches. If you’re like many Ravenna, OH, homeowners, you take pride in your home and your lawn, and the last thing you want is ugly, brown spots ruining your curb appeal. […]

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Fall Lawn Care

3 Fall Lawn Care Mistakes

Growing a lush, green lawn is well within the capabilities of any homeowner, as long as you follow a few simple rules. Unfortunately, many lawns fail, not because of neglect, but because of some bad practices and misconceptions made in the fall. So, to help you end up with the greenest, healthiest lawn next spring, […]

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Greener Grass

How to Get Greener Grass

Are you dreaming of summertime in your Northeast Ohio home? Do you picture your kids running barefoot through your beautiful, lush, green lawn? Many homeowners share that dream and try, year after year, to achieve the greenest lawn on the block. But what does it really take to transform your lawn from “okay” to over-the-top […]

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Lawn Aeration

3 Key Benefits of Lawn Aeration

One of the healthiest processes for maintaining great lawn health is professional aeration. But what is lawn aeration? By definition, to aerate is “to introduce air into a material”. In this case, the material is the soil your lawn is growing in. Aeration permits water and nutrients to better penetrate the soil so your Kent, […]

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Lawn Disease Prevention Tips to the Rescue

Lawn Disease Prevention Tips The warm weather and sun is finally here… Hello SUMMER! Many of us are gearing up for cookouts, family reunions, graduation parties and lots of fun with friends and family in our back yards. Portage Turf Specialists’ has a few tips to keep lawns green and healthy by preventing lawn disease this summer. […]

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Soil Basics 101- Soil and its importance in our lives, lawns and lawncare

Soil and its importance in our lives, lawns and lawncare So what is soil? Soil is a vast mysterious ecosystem with layers of nutrients and billions of lifeforms. Without healthy soil there would be little to no life on planet earth. Knowing about the impact fertile soil has on human existence is invaluable! It’s where we […]

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Reasons for Winterkill of Ohio Lawns

Have you ever wondered why your lawn has dry, brown areas that don’t grow back in spring? Here at Portage Turf Specialists LLC, our goal is to help maintain naturally beautiful lawns, so we thought we’d share some information about winterkill with you.

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Controlling Crabgrass Naturally

If you want to obtain a beautifully thick, lush, green lawn but your grass is plagued by crabgrass, you aren’t alone. The lawn-care professionals from Portage Turf Specialists LLC don’t want you to feel as though you have to resort to using a battery of harsh chemicals on your property to eradicate crabgrass. We’ve put […]

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Kent OH Lawn Care Tips: Springtime in Ohio

Spring is finally in full swing, and homeowners all over Ohio are rejoicing. Before you start jumping for joy and planning your first backyard barbecue, though, make sure that your lawn is as excited about the extra foot traffic as you. Today we have some Kent OH lawn care tips to help you make sure […]

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