If you want to obtain a beautifully thick, lush, green lawn but your grass is plagued by crabgrass, you aren’t alone. Timing is everything in lanwcare  especially  when dealing with crabgrass. By contacting  you can be assured that  the lawn-care professionals from Portage Turf Specialists LLC have that timing down. We’ve put together a helpful list so that you can reduce the growing conditions that crabgrass will thrive in and decrease the likelihood of having it spread in your lawn.

What Is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass in Kent OhioCrabgrass is a low-lying, light green, annual grass. Once it invades your lawn, it can be quite stubborn and difficult to eliminate since it grows anywhere that it can find sunlight, water, and bare soil. Crabgrass sprouts in the spring and thrives under rainy conditions before spreading its seeds later in the summer. The seeds will go dormant through the winter and sprout the following spring.

How Can Crabgrass Be Treated Naturally?

  • The  most important step is to avoid bare soil by overseeding or slit seeding in the fall in addition to scheduling aeration service. Crabgrass is opportunistic and will grow wherever it finds a bare patch of soil. We also use overseeding in spring as an 100% organic  means of providing crabgrass suppression.
  • The second best line of defense when trying to wipe out crabgrass is a timely application of an organic-based, slow-release fertilizer & pre-emergent crabgrass control in early spring to stop the seeds from germinating. Calendar dates do not apply here-we look for soil temperatures @ 52 degrees for 5 nights for germination. Hotspots do develop along drives, walks and areas that heat up due to shelter from wind creating a micro-climate and potential for early germination.
  • In particularly bad years, you could also look into post-emergent controls, and we recommend you discuss this option with your professional lawn-care service provider.
  • Throughout the growing season, water your lawn a maximum of twice a week. Watering more frequently will increase germination of crabgrass seeds.
  • Mow your grass tall, about 3.5 to 4 inches high. Tall grass will shade the soil surface and reduce crabgrass growth.

At Portage Turf Specialists LLC in Ravenna, OH, we have the expertise to tailor our natural lawn-care and maintenance programs to suit each property we treat. From fertilizer and weed control programs and aeration and seeding services to lawn insect and grub control, we offer all of the services that your property might need with the lowest environmental impact. Call us today at (330) 296-8873 to get a free quote in Ravenna, Kent, Stow, Tallmadge, and Hudson or the surrounding Ohio areas.

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