What is Organic Lawn Care?

Many Ohio homeowners are looking into more environmentally friendly lawn-care options for 2015. If you’ve been researching ways to take care of your lawn with more natural elements, you may have run across organic lawn care as an option. Allow us at Portage Turf Specialists LLC to tell you a bit more about this natural lawn-care process.

The Products

At Portage Turf Specialists LLC we believe in promoting soil health on every visit with a  slow-release, organic based lawn fertilization treatment to keep your lawn healthy and green. Each treatment is specially formulated to replenish your lawn’s needs as naturally as possible with a careful blend of  natural and synthetic fertilizers. Our balanced program suits the needs of  the vast majority of the American Population- We want to be greener, weed free- and in this digital age we want it yesterday!!! We also offer  a 100 percent Organic Material Reviews Institute (OMRI) Certified organic lawn care program for those  that are more weed tolerant, patient, and  wanting to rid their lawns of all chemical influences.

The Process

After you contact us , our lawn care specialists will come to your home to test your soil and determine underlying deficiencies and nutrient needs. Each Ohio lawn and homeowner has different needs, some may have a no tolerance policy for weeds in their lawn, while others can tolerate a few weeds here and there if it means less chemicals applied. We want to customize your program  to get and keep your lawn in its best, most natural state, while meeting your personal goals and expecations. Traditional Lawncare focuses on lawn sicknesses, and applying chemical band-aids. Our program focuses on soil and lawn health- naturally promoting better lawns and soils by adding natural living organic matter on every visit.  Our process drastically reduces the typical chemical inputs found in other traditional  lawncare programs, and each carefully timed visit  means your lawn/soil is becoming healthier and less dependent on chemicals!

The Protection

You can keep your Ohio lawn “green” in every sense of the word by minimizing your chemical impact. By doing so, you’re protecting and promoting soil health on not only your piece of Ohio property, but also the earth for years to come. If choosing environmentally friendly lawn care is your goal, then organic lawn service may be a good option for your lawn.

You can check out our customer reviews, or call Portage Turf Specialists LLC at (330) 296-8873 to discover more about organic lawn care.

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