Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Portage Turf!

A huge warm thank you to all of our customers for their business last season!

We hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying this holiday season!

Portage Turf Specialists is bringing all of our customers and followers an education series this winter on soil health. In this series we will be covering topics like general plant health, the effects of different fertilizers and education on “macro” and “micro” nutrients in soil. We believe soil health is the most important factor to growing a healthy lawn with great color. We thought our consumers should know what we’re trying to accomplish with the properties we care for. Our certified professionals are committed to responsible lawn care. Our series will cover topics like….

-What is soil, technically?

-What makes up fertile, healthy soil?

-What kind of soil is best for turf grasses?

-Why is soil testing and soil management important?

-What can we do to fix poor, dead soil conditions?

-What does soil management mean for your lawn?

We hope this soil series will be informative, entertaining and get you dreaming of warm spring days in the lawn you’ve always wanted. We want to help our northeast Ohio customers love their lawns in 2017!

Look for Part One after the first of the year!!

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