Landscape Bed Weed Control

Ahh yes- Memorial Day picnics are quickly approaching and your once beautiful, nicely mulched landscape beds are truly a memory as they are being overtaken by dandelions and weeds.  Following are your options- How will you recover your once beautiful flower beds?

Picking-  very  time consuming, painful thistles! , weeds quickly return, where do you put them all?

Spraying with Roundup-  time consuming, more expensive with watered down consumer based  products, and weeds quickly return, leaving yet another weekend lost  to weeding!

Calling Portage Turf to apply a roundup and pre-emergent for as little as $79. – with our busy lives who has time to spend hours on end picking weeds, with one timely application we will quickly control all weeds present, as well as prevent further outbreaks- we also handle weedy gravel drives, brick patios, driveway cracks and industrial areas. Call today and take back your weekends lost to hand weeding!

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