How Synthetic Chemicals Harm Lawns, Animals, & People

Synthetic chemical-based treatments may give a lawn a vibrant green color, but these chemicals have the potential to severely damage that lawn’s well-being. That’s why our professionals at Portage Turf Specialists LLC target the soil and roots with 100% organic fertilization and weed treatments.

Stay Away From Chemicals

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Many lawn-care companies simply saturate the entire lawn surface with harmful synthetic chemicals instead of just focusing on the problem areas of the yard. This creates an unnecessary excess of chemicals and endangers everything the chemicals touch—including the lawn itself, humans, animals, and possibly nearby water and wildlife.

The overuse of chemical or inorganic fertilizers and pesticides has serious consequences. Many of these chemical-based products use material fillers that have heavy metals which can cause cancer. (One study of synthetic fertilizers showed that of the 29 tested, 22 contained these toxic heavy metals.) Unorganic fertilizer can also contain iron, which can be harmful for pets.

And if a lawn is located anywhere near a body of water, synthetic chemicals from lawn-care treatments can cause toxic run-off that makes its way into the waterways—causing algae blooms which grow so large that the waterways become impassable. Once the algae dies, it sinks and decomposes, which removes oxygen from the water. This results in fish, frogs, and other water species dying. Or, the pesticide toxic run-off poisons the water species, including fish, which humans eat. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Americans use 75 million pounds of pesticides each year.

Chemical fertilizers poison our waters, our soil, our animals, and our own bodies. The fact that healthy and potentially more effective organic alternatives exist is incredible, but more people should take advantage of it.

Beware of Harmful Chemicals

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You want to make your lawns, the places where your children play every day, as safe as can be. Slow-release, organic lawn fertilizer helps a lawn to flourish while providing nutrients to the grass. Not only does it improve soil structure, it also encourages soil microbes that attack pests.

At Portage Turf, we apply slow-release, organic lawn-care treatments, and even then only where treatment is needed. That means that sometimes we use less than an ounce of fertilizer overall. Lessening our environmental impact is very important to us. We provide naturally better lawn care to the communities of Kent, Ravenna, Aurora, and Hudson, OH, and we proudly offer a certified organic lawn-care program to make your lawn a little more “green”. Contact us at (330) 296-8873 to learn more, or schedule a free lawn analysis with us!


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