Should I Hire a Lawn Care Company?

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Many folks this time of year are dreaming of the smell of fresh cut grass, and asking themselves the question- Should I Hire a Lawn Care Company ?

Four quick questions will help to determine the answer to this age old question!



  1. Is your free time valuable?  I think most of us would respond yes to that question. Hiring a lawn care company will help to free up those Saturday mornings for – Fill in the blank____________ sleep, golf, kids, fishing,3 day vacation. I think you get the picture- if you have ever been a victim of  waiting for a dewy morning to apply your 4 step big box store product to your lawn I think you would agree.
  2. Do you appreciate value? We recently did a price comparison at our local big box. Our price to treat a 15,000 foot lawn is currently  $4.75 more than buying your own product. If we aren’t worth the extra  $4.75  to avoid wasted saturdays, driving to the box store, storing dangerous chemicals in the house,  buying a new plastic spreader every year,  burned spots from spilling product in the yard, explaining the tiger stripe pattern to your wife; then by all means hop in the car and get to your local big box!
  3. Are you feeding the grass or promoting soil health? Many ohio homeowners are  content with fertilizing their grass, however we at Portage Turf Scecialists LLC have found that over time, regular lawn fertilization  with traditional fertilizer will leave the soil lifeless and dependent on more and more inputs- think of it like steroids or fast food. We prefer a probiotic approach of promoting soil health on every visit with our organic based fertilization to promote and feed a healthy soil and beneficial microbial activity that will leave your lawn healthier every time we visit!
  4. Do you or your lawn like chemicals?  At Portage Turf Scecialists LLC we have developed a process to reduce overall harmful chemical use in our programs. We take each lawn on a case by case basis and treat as necessary  to provide you the results you are looking for with the least amount of environmental impact. Big box products like granular  weed and feed are broadcast onto the entire lawn, using excessive chemicals to treat weeds that aren’t there, and injuring healthy grass in the process, relying on dew or moisture to for the broadleaf weed control to stick to.  Our Liquid weed control easily takes out tough weeds like ground ivy, clover  and crabgrass and are tweaked throughout the year for optimum performance.


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