Hairy Bittercress Invades Ohio Lawns

Hairy Bittercress

Ohio Lawns have been spared with a mild winter and anyone who had an aeration and seeded last fall (from a reputable company like Portage Turf Specialists LLC) certainly enjoyed the extended growing season. Unfortunately for many, the mild, wet winter also means uninvited guests in the form of winter annual weeds have been growing to all time record levels.

Hairy Bittercress part of the mustard family is easily identified by its wiry stem and small white flower is by far the worst offender in this department as we have been finding in it creeping into many Ohio lawns. As with any weed, the best defense is certainly going to be a thick healthy turf with few bare areas to allow such intruders. Mowing the lawn to reduce seeding is recommended to prevent further seeding and future outbreaks.

Being a true winter weed, bittercress will whither out on by June with increased temperatures and will also be controlled by our postemergent herbicide. Legally only two broadcast applications of 24D containing Herbicide may be made to a property per year, and those are best timed in the late spring visit and the fall application. This timing allows for the best and most effective weed control for clovers, dandelions, ground ivy and most other lawn weeds to include bittercress. Call Portage Turf at (330) 296-8873 to learn more about our effective lawn care solutions.

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