Grub Invasion Destroys Ohio Lawns

Contact  Portage Turf today to schedule your grub control and   lawncare visit to stop the damage in its tracks. Most lawns in Ohio are recovering nicely from summer disease issues and are returning to their thick, dark green state.  Some lawns are not- large brown lawn patches may mean a grub infestation has ate all your turfgrass roots- and if that wasnt bad enough, skunks and racoons will soon be by to feast on the tasty treats and begin rolling your turf up like carpet! How did they get here? Japanese beetles have come- ate our shrubs, ornamentals, gardens and roses and are gone, however they have laid thousands of eggs producing larval grubs which eat turfgrass roots and overwinter in the soil, just to return next year to create the same viscious cycle! At this point a curative grub control is in order to stop any further damage, and a fall aeration and overseeding to repair damaged areas to follow. Some of the hardest hit areas include Tallmadge, Stow, Hudson, Twinsburg, Aurora and Mantua. Fall is the very best time for a lawn renovation!

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