Grub Damage Prevention at Portage Turf: Save your Lawn from GRUBS!



Grubs found in a local Northeast Ohio lawn

Grubs found destroying a local Northeast Ohio Lawn!


When it Comes to Grub Damage, An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!!

It’s amazing how much damage one year of grub activity can destroy lawns here in Northeast Ohio and once the damage is done, it’s done.  Sadly, expensive curative treatments and re-seeding are necessary to repair grub damage. Thankfully, there’s better way to deal with grubs before they do ANY damage!

Around June adult beetles lay their eggs after eating tree and shrub leaves. Those eggs drop, hatch and become grubs, which then crawl to eat  your lawn’s root system. The best time to control grub populations is when those grubs are newly hatched and small in size, before they are big enough to cause significant damage. Here in Northeast Ohio, that window of opportunity is May thru July.  Preventative grub control is cheap insurance against losing a beautiful lawn. Portage Turf Specialists wants you to know who is as risk for grub damage so you can protect the investment you’re putting into your lawn care. Here are a few things to look for before deciding if you need to add grub control to your regular fertilization program:

  • Trees and shrubs that attract beetles
    • Plum
    • Purple Sand Cherry
    • Weeping Cherry
    • Roses
    • Linden
  • Lawns that have “Bentgrass” varieties
  • Live healthy soil with adequate organic matter
  • Lawns getting plenty of moisture while surrounding areas are experiencing drought conditions
  • Observing certain insects on your property
    • Japanese Beetles
    • June Beetles
    • Masked Chafer Beetle
    • Chinch Bugs/Billbugs ( a preventative grub control will control either of these lawn insects)

For the cost of one extra lawn care visit a year you can protect your lawn from devastating grub damage. Contact Portage Turf Specialists today to schedule a preventative grub control service today! A 20% OFF discount is available until July 1st on our website’s Customer Assistant link. . Simply use your account number and e-mail address to log in and get your discount!! OR Just call 330-296-TURF(8873) today!


Jody Taylor

Office Manager

Certified Lawn Technician


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