Our Expert Lawn Maintenance Programs in Ravenna

From the soil up, Portage Turf Specialists LLC provides expert lawn care services for maintaining happy, healthy lawns. Starting at the roots, we strive to create a habitat that naturally encourages thicker, darker, and more drought-tolerant turf. To learn more about our programs, contact us today at (330) 296-8873. We proudly serve Ravenna, Hudson, Kent, Aurora, and nearby Ohio areas.

Naturally Better Lawn Care Services

Conventional weed control methods saturate entire lawns, covering the entire area with unnecessary and harmful chemicals. At Portage Turf, we start our fertilization and weed control programs with a comprehensive soil sample of a Ravenna property. From this, we are able to design a lawn service package tailored to the specific needs of that property. This also enables us to use far less product overall, often times less than an ounce!

Looking to further reduce environmental impact? Portage Turf’s 100 percent certified organic lawn care program ensures healthy turf while providing the best organic care for a lawn’s natural ecosystem. Organic lawn care also goes hand-in-hand with other services like aeration and overseeding, which rely on existing nutrients to maintain lawn health from the start.

Learn About A Free Lawn Analysis

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Expert Lawn Maintenance in Ravenna Ohio

The old phrase “A good offense is the best defense” couldn’t be more true when it comes to lawn maintenance. Ensuring landscape plots and flowerbeds are providing the proper nutrients for trees and shrubs is an important proactive practice. Proper insect and grub control is also necessary for further protection.

Specializing in Healthy Lawns

You deserve a lawn to be proud of, and at Portage Turf, we believe is it possible to produce a beautiful yard while minimizing negative impacts on our environment. We provide year-round lawn services in Portage County, including Ravenna and the surrounding areas in Ohio. Starting at the soil, our natural approach ensures a long, healthy life for all lawns.

View our specials online now, and read more about Portage Turf to learn about our common-sense practices. Contact us at (330) 296-8873 for more information.

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