DIY Lawncare Gone Wrong!

Do it yourself lawncare can have it’s rewards, however with so many people home taking care of their own lawns we are seeing a major uptick in costly lawn damages from roundup or glyphosate. Take this as a friendly PSA for anyone considering spot treating dandelions or weeds throughout the lawn. When in doubt contact us for professional lawncare advice. With over 110 years of combined experience with the licensed professionals at Portage Turf Specialists, there just isn’t much that we haven’t seen with our local lawncare business.

You never want to treat  weeds in a lawn with a non-selective herbicide  such as roundup or (or generic containing glyphosate-READ THE LABEL-) as it will kill the grass in and around the weed and leave you with brown patches and bare areas throughout the lawn that open the door for even more weeds. A selective weed control labeled for use on turf should be selected to control hard to control weeds such as dandelion, ground ivy, clover and violets. If you have suffered recent damage or just have a thin or patchy lawn we have a number of methods including aeration and overseeding and slit seeding  to quickly recover the lawn. Please contact us  to discuss getting your lawn to the next level and ready to enjoy for the upcoming summer season.

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