Crabgrass Invasion Hits Ohio!


Has a low growing, light green grass invaded your once beautiful lawn? Your not alone! In 2014 even lawns treated with crabgrass pre-emergent are showing signs of crabgrass due to heavy rains. The good news is we have the cure for your lawncare woes. Portage Turf prefers to implement a two step process to eradicate crabgrass for good- an application of post-emergent crabgrass control will stop the green invader dead in its tracks, also preventing millions of seeds from being planted for next years crop, And a follow up with fall aeration and slit seeding or overseeding to help naturally prevent the problem next year with thick lush drought tolerant turfgrass varieties. CALL TODAY! – early fall is the very best time to renovate and reseed those thin stressed lawns and we are looking forward to making your lawn the envy of the neighborhood!

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