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Mulch Beds Gone Wild!

Two months of solid rain, and finally a great looking weekend. Many will be frightened as they venture out and see just how weedy there mulchbeds, gravel drives, and gardens have gotten with the record breaking precipitation germinating every weed seed ever laid. Its almost never  too late to contact professional help from your […]

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Greener Grass

How to Get Greener Grass

Are you dreaming of summertime in your Northeast Ohio home? Do you picture your kids running barefoot through your beautiful, lush, green lawn? Many homeowners share that dream and try, year after year, to achieve the greenest lawn on the block. But what does it really take to transform your lawn from “okay” to over-the-top […]

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New Lawn Care Provider

3 Services to Look for in a New Lawn Care Provider

When looking for a new lawn care provider, you want more than a weekly lawn mowing service for your front and back yards. You need a lawn company that is 1) experienced and highly skilled in both tree and shrub health, 2) knowledgeable in combating damage from pests and insects, and 3) provides fertilizer and […]

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4 Steps to Attaining a Beautiful Lawn with Our Organic Lawn Treatment

As a homeowner, you take pride in keeping your home in good working condition for your family and the community. One part of being a responsible citizen is understanding the chemicals you use to treat your lawn. Many of us eat organic foods for personal well being, but have you ever considered organic lawn treatments […]

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Fall Lawn Care Services: Start Planning NOW for Great Results!

Late July might seem too soon to start thinking about your fall to-do lists, but before we know it, kids will be returning to school, crops will be harvested and temperatures will be dropping. Start planning your outdoor fall projects now, because a little planning will translate into a thicker, healthier lawn over the next […]

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How To Control Weeds in Mulch and Flower Beds

Question. Tired of flower and mulch beds taking over your home? Do you ever ask yourself “How can I do a better job controlling weeds in my flower beds?” If so you’re certainly not alone. Controlling weeds in our flower beds and around our landscaping can be a never ending nightmare right? Mulching yearly, using […]

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NE Ohio Lawns Need Fall Aeration and Overseeding

Hot, dry summers here in Northeast Ohio turn some of the greenest, best kept lawns a straw-like color with bright green weeds scattered throughout. People contact us here at Portage Turf Specialists asking what’s happening with their lawn. “Is my lawn dead?”, “When can I expect the lawn to recover from this drought?”, “Where are these new weeds coming from?”etc. […]

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Take Back Your Summer with Portage Turf’s Weed Control Service!!

It’s that time of year again… Weeding season. By late June, Northeast Ohio’s gravel areas, flower beds, mulch beds and driveways will be an eyesore if left unattended. Raise your hand if you have mowed your driveway recently- very hard on the blades, mower and the grass afterwards when mowing with dull blades!  Weeds will take a […]

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Hairy Bittercress Invades Ohio Lawns

Ohio Lawns have been spared with a mild winter and anyone who had an aeration and seeded last fall (from a reputable company like Portage Turf Specialists LLC) certainly enjoyed the extended growing season. Unfortunately for many, the mild, wet winter also means uninvited guests in the form of winter annual weeds have been growing to all time […]

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