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Our Expert Lawn Maintenance Programs in Ravenna

From the soil up, Portage Turf Specialists LLC provides expert lawn care services for maintaining happy, healthy lawns. Starting at the roots, we strive to create a habitat that naturally encourages thicker, darker, and more drought-tolerant turf. To learn more about our programs

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Landscape Bed Weed Control

Ahh yes- Memorial Day picnics are quickly approaching and your once beautiful, nicely mulched landscape beds are truly a memory as they are being overtaken by dandelions and weeds.  Following are your options- How will you recover your once beautiful flower beds? Picking-  very  time consuming, painful thistles! , weeds quickly return, where do you […]

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Kent OH Lawn Care Tips: Springtime in Ohio

Spring is finally in full swing, and homeowners all over Ohio are rejoicing. Before you start jumping for joy and planning your first backyard barbecue, though, make sure that your lawn is as excited about the extra foot traffic as you. Today we have some Kent OH lawn care tips to help you make sure […]

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The Yellow-Spotted Lawn Phenomenon

Have you noticed yellow spots on your lawn recently? Nearly every Ohio homeowner has seen their yards affected by the recent spring-freeze. This phenomenon is a natural occurrence that is caused by night-time temperatures reaching the 20s and 30s. This causes the frost to burn the turf blade tissue, resulting in the yellowing you see.

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Portage Turf Specialists Takes Root with New, Mobile-friendly Website

Portage Turf Specialists LLC in Ravenna, Ohio, recently launched a freshly redesigned, mobile-friendly website with an onsite blog and social media integration to more easily connect with future customers. Executives at Portage Turf overhauled the company website to better promote their lawn care programs online, using search engine marketing tactics to reach consumers who use […]

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Get Out and Rake

March brings warmer weather and melting snow, revealing the lawn that once was the best in the neighborhood underneath. Snow mold is often left and must be dealt with immediately. Some grasses are more susceptible than others. If your lawn has straw colored, matted patches, it has most likely been affected. Lightly rake affected areas […]

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