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New Lawn Care Provider

3 Services to Look for in a New Lawn Care Provider

When looking for a new lawn care provider, you want more than a weekly lawn mowing service for your front and back yards. You need a lawn company that is 1) experienced and highly skilled in both tree and shrub health, 2) knowledgeable in combating damage from pests and insects, and 3) provides fertilizer and […]

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Preparing Trees & Shrubs for Winter Weather

The cold temperatures and howling winds of winter can cause visible and hidden damage to the healthy trees and shrubs in your yard. Preparing them for the winter season does not take much time, and your plants will thank you when spring finally arrives. Understanding what causes the most damage will help you take the […]

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Fall Lawn Care Tips

5 Fall Lawn Care Tips

We know many people are ready for all the fun activities that the autumn weather brings. Cozy campfires, hats and scarves, hot apple cider, and bumpy hayrides just to name a few. But is your lawn ready for the transition? The experts at Portage Turf Specialists LLC have compiled a few fall maintenance tips to […]

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Lawn Care Steps to Protect Your Grass during Extreme Heat

Summer heat has officially set in, and you’re beginning to feel cheated due to the loss of spring. It feels like summer weather set in without the gradual spring transition. While you’re feeling cheated, so does your grass. It’s feeling the burden of extreme heat and is going into conservation mode. Lawn maintenance is a […]

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Top 4 Spring Projects to Achieve a Healthy Lawn

It’s been a long, hard winter in Ohio, and we’re still experiencing the final act. Experiencing snow and cold weather in April has homeowners itching to get their hands dirty. Spring weather will arrive sooner rather than later, and it’s time to create your plan of attack. From fertilization, weeding, and mowing, it’s time to […]

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Is Winter a Natural Pesticide? The Threat of Emerald Ash Borer in 2018

Much of the United States has experienced a harsh, cold winter. Throughout these winter months, one thought of consolation is that frigid temperatures might kill some pesky insects. One such insect in question, the Emerald Ash Borer, has damaged many trees throughout Ohio. Looking for specific treatment for your insect and grub needs? Look no […]

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Frost Seeding for a thick healthy lawn

February brings into my mind many things. Groundhog day, the Superbowl, Valentines day, more snow, cold, Presidents day, Lawncare.  Yes, I said it- Lawncare in February. February happens to be one of the very best times to seed your lawn- especially if you are dealing with a shady lawn or a very thin lawn. Shady […]

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How will the groundhogs prediction effect Ohio’s lawncare

Happy #GroundhogDay– only 46 days to go until spring officially arrives! I am also reminded that it is hard for Ohio weather patterns or sports teams to do anything consistently for 6 weeks.   Not trusting a Pennsylvanian rodent- we sought a second opinion from Buckeye Chuck, Ohio’s groundhog, who also predicted six more weeks of […]

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4 Steps to Attaining a Beautiful Lawn with Our Organic Lawn Treatment

As a homeowner, you take pride in keeping your home in good working condition for your family and the community. One part of being a responsible citizen is understanding the chemicals you use to treat your lawn. Many of us eat organic foods for personal well being, but have you ever considered organic lawn treatments […]

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4 Tips for Winterizing Your Lawn This Fall

Fall is in full swing in the Midwest, and it’s time to take the final lawn care steps before winter. Proper lawn care maintenance is a work of art that will pay off next spring. At Portage Turf Specialists LLC, lawn care is our expertise. Feeling stumped on how to tackle your lawn’s needs? We proudly […]

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