Aeration- An Essential Part of Lawncare


Aeration is the process of pulling thousands of soil plugs out of the lawn to help reduce compaction and thatch layers, promote oxygen and water infiltration and promote deep healthy root systems which in turn will help provide the thick healthy lawn we are looking for. Think of all you do to compact your lawn over the period of a year- Kids playing, parties, yard sales, mowing with heavy mowers- especially when its too wet (surely many times with this years wet summer) and just simply walking on your lawn all lead to severe lawn compaction. Concrete hard soil conditions make root development next to impossible, water simply runs off into the ditches as its not able to penetrate, and often overlooked is just getting oxygen to the root system itself.

Fall aeration is an essential part of any complete lawncare package and is best done now as turf root systems are at their highest rate of growth and quickly recover. We prefer core aeration over thatching or dethatching as these processes barely scratch the surface. Aeration goes deep to relieve the compaction and all those cores on the surface pair well with our organic based fertilizers as the billions of beneficial microbes begin using all that thatch for food- talk about unleashing a dethatcher! With all that freshly loosened soil it is also the ideal time for lawn seeding. Whether its patching a few thin spots or slitseeding or overseeding the whole lawn with a newer variety of darker, more drought,disease and insect resistant variety of turfgrass- ample fall rains, heavy dews and cooler days will help to ensure seeding success.

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